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I`m the type of person that likes porn, and I admit it without shame, because this is what I like and I don`t like hiding who and what I am, because that would make me be less of myself and I don`t want to lose myself. The thing that I like most is domination, because I am a pretty powerful man and I usually get what I want, and everybody is at my orders, so I have nobody to counter me, nobody to challenge me. I love it when a woman is strong and confident and when she can dominate me, which does not happen very often, as you might remember from what I have said above. But all of that changed when I met the Russian girls, actually I never look back, but at one point I started wondering why I’m so attracted to Russian girls…

They do all kinds of stuff online and in this example I want to show you a pic of her dancing on a side of bed, this chick wears a nice red bra and sexy panties, who would not want to take them off and this this cute Russian babe naked?

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I was looking for a new dominatrix, because the one that I had been working with for the last month or so had gone soft on me, or so it seemed to me. Or maybe I was just bored, because that also tends to happen with me. And that is when I stumbled upon a website that dealt only with Russian video chat girls. I was not very interested at first, because it seemed to be just a normal video chat website and it did not deal with domination. But I was intrigued by the aspect of the women that worked on the website that looked like Amazons.

I found a few of the girls that said that they are into domination and watched some of the shows that they had recorded from previous sessions and videos that they had recorded on their own. What struck me was the fact that these ladies seemed to have no remorse and they treated you as if you were less than shit, as if you were just a speck of dust that needed to be eliminated from the world. These Russian video chat were so vicious that I decided that I had to experience this and see for myself what it is like.

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After I experienced my first Russian video chat girl, I never tried anything else again, because she was so damn good at what she did that it was hard to keep up the pace at times and I would find myself cornered many times. That never happened with any of the other women that I had dealt with in my life and it fascinated me. Most of these girls had quite a big stature and built and they were mostly blonde, which is what I love most.

They had very strong personalities and, no matter the circumstances, they would never let you dominate them and, if they were caught in a moment of weakness, they would always find a way to turn the tables on you.

They always surprised me and there was always something new for me to see and learn about them and, even today, which is two years after I first discovered the, I still continue to be surprised and fascinated as if it were the first day.